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Male Extra Review – Its Proven Benefits!

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Almost all men want to have a larger penis to give meaning to their intimate pleasure. To perfect your performance and have a full better erection, all you need is the Male Extra !

male extra testMale Extra is a 100% organic pill which optimizes the male libido. The use of taking sexual enhancement product allows all men to provide a harder, longer and more intense erection. It is one of the most popular male health products on the market thanks to its surprising properties to increase sexual desire.

The active components in the capsules Male Extra usually improve function erectile and provide the penis with a certain hardness. They provide a better blood supply towards the penis and make it even more robust and resistant. Pills Male Extra let you savor a more powerful orgasm experience.

The functions of Male Extra pills are many. Not only do they revise the blood flow, but they also provide oxygen and all the essential nutrients to prevent premature ejaculation during sexual intercourse. In summary, the Male Extra capsule is the key to better endurance. What are the main components of a Male Extra pill ?

extra maleCompared to other ppenis enlargement products and supplements, Male Extra is developed with ingredients natural. Each of the capsules Male Extra offers a strong dose of the Grenade, of L-arginine, the MSM, there methionine, THE zinc and the cordyceps. All these elements have been selected for their properties to stimulate the libido in a natural way masculine.

The grenade

Pomegranate is a very beneficial fruit on erection. It ensures an abundant blood flow, since a large flow of blood is crucial for the penis to belch properly. This fruit is a real source of antioxidant. Note that a Male Extra capsule contains almost 500mg of pomegranate extract powder. This has the function of fluidifying the blood flow in the penile region. As a result, it strengthens erectile function, prevents a weak erection and supports the man to maintain his erection as long as possible.

The pill Male Extra is the first, if not the only, supplement to incorporate pomegranate ellagic into libido-boosting pills. This natural element optimizes the level of nitric oxide in the blood. It is a vasodilator that increases the caliber of arteries and blood vessels in the penis. Nitric oxide therefore ensures an excellent perpetual blood supply. Pomegranate or mainly ellagen in this fruit promotes prolonged sexual stamina.


It is an amino acid responsible for regulating nitric oxide in the blood. An optimal dose of L-arginine allows you to have a quality and efficient erection. It is one of the main ingredients of Male Extrabecause of a 600mg for each capsule. This amino acid promotes the production of nitric oxide and helps restore penile rigidity. Perfecting blood flow is also beneficial for erectile function and for the rest of the body. There L-arginine ensures the supply of oxygen to all organs, especially the penis.

MSM or Methyl Sulfonyl Methane

MSM is a mineral that promotes the fluidity of the blood flow during an erection. This sulfur compound has the ability to eliminate the deposits of toxins in the blood and strengthens the erectile tissues and connectives. Opt for the pill Male Extra gives the opportunity to improve one’s sexual performance thanks to the properties reinforcing the penis cells and brings more vitality. In short, the MSM in the capsule Male Extra ensures erectile firmness.


It’s an acid proteinogenic amino very important to have a more intensive erection. There Methionine has the advantage of boosting the lack of libido. It is considered as a retarder of ejaculatory activity and strengthens the erection. You can take advantage of the incomparable virtue of methionine for the 100mg of a Male Extra capsules. A cure with Male Extra makes it possible to have beneficial results on orgasm.


It is an essential mineral playing a crucial role in the organic secretion of testosterone, the male sex hormone. This element makes it possible to perfect the volume of ejaculation and increases the rate of testosterone in the blood. Zinc deficiency can cause low libido or worse helplessness. Male Extra covers the daily requirement prevents zinc deficiency and provides 150mg per pill. It perfects ejaculation volume with increased sensation.


It is a Chinese mushroom used for millennia in male fertility medicine thanks to its aphrodisiac properties. This tonic food boosts energy and refines physical performance during sexual intercourse. THE Cordyceps is renowned for their properties adaptogens that prevent psychogenic erectile disorder. You can find 25mg of Cordyceps per pill. The ideal quantity to have a sexual appetite. What are the benefits of using Male Extra

The advantages, disadvantages and its price

male extra reviewThe benefits of the Male Extra pill

The virtues of Male Extra capsules are many. It improves ejaculation and allows to have a longer and more vascular penis during an erection. Male Extra is a revolutionary dietary supplement 100% organic. It enlarges penis size and prevents premature ejaculations. It makes ejaculatory activities more powerful and increases orgasm and sensitivity. It avoids dry breakdowns and allows to have abundant ejaculation and a powerful erection. In a word, Male Extra optimizes performance in bed.

Taking Male Extra is basically accompanied with exercise practice to your penis to improve its physical properties. The capsules deploy to your penis capacities in a natural way, and this without resorting to the least danger.

The main disadvantages

THE permanent effects and the risks of Male Extra are almost nil since this product has 100% natural components. To avoid possible risks, all users should always follow its directions for use. Indeed, in order to have more reliable resultsthe practice of manual exercises must chain up. It may be that the first result is slow in coming in case of irregularity of the exercises. All consumers should take 3 capsules daily even if no sexual intercourse takes place. Combining Male Extra with other sexual enhancement products may cause abnormal and violent erection. What is the user manual for the Male Extra pill ? Where can you buy it?

my extra opinionThe dosage of Male Extra: the user should consume one to three capsules a day over a period of 4 to 6 months. This, in order to maximize its effects on erectile function. It is always best to have the ingestion in the morning. The use of Male Extra must be associated with penile training practices to make the effects of the cure more durable.

Seen that Male Extra is a purely natural dietary supplement, this product is available for purchase from your usual pharmacy. A box of Male Extra costs approximately 155 Euros which will serve you for 3 to 4 months. To get Male Extra at best price, it is possible to fill it on the official sites. The latter sometimes offer Flash sale to acquire it at a low price. Almost suppliers adopt the motto ” Satisfied or refunded to guarantee the product.

Male Extra is the libido enhancement product the most reliable and powerful on the market. The pill has no side effects. Male Extra no longer waiting for you to test it. If you are looking for a good product of better value for money, the best thing is to always choose Go Viril. It is very active in terms of efficiency and proves to be safer thanks to its label ” Made in France “.

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